Kleio 47



Kleio 47 is an ideal pickup for oval gypsy jazz guitars. We are inspired by Django’s electric sound between 1946 and 1950. The tone of Kleio 47 is influenced by those recordings, where the poor amplification and the naturally aggressive acoustic technique of Django gave that legendary gypsy jazz tone to our ears (and hearts). Dmitry Kuptsov has done extraordinary work on four tracks of his new album  "The Suncatcher" with Kleio 47 pickup and Peche a la Mouche amp.

You can listen to the trucks  at his band camp

We make Kleio 47 only for oval guitar.

Kleio pickups were inspired by Adonis Goulielmos, a gypsy jazz guitar luthier The name of the pickup belongs to his nine-year-old daughter and it is written exactly as she writes her name, using Latin characters.

Check Kleio requirements with this video

Characteristics :

  • Single Coil

  • 7 mm thick

  • 7.5 K at 23 Celsius DC Resistance

  • Alnico 5 bar magnet

  • 500 K log volume pot

  • RCA output

  • Silver Nickel Cover

Argentine Strings

The pickup is well balanced between the gypsy strings (especially on B string) and this is because we tuned the pickup considering the famous argentine gypsy strings of Savarez, but also works very well with other gypsy strings. Also there is a line on top of the pickup that indicates the position of the B string.

3m cable and Velvet pocket are included


Kleio is not a permanently installed pickup.

Kleio has a protecting tape at the bottom and a metal mount clip. Τhe spring force of the mount clip is sufficient so that the pickup can remain stable.


The pickup may not fit in your guitar if:


The bracing in the guitar top is very close to the edge of the Oval hole, because this bracing will not allow you to push the pickup closer to the fretboard.

The fretboard thickness is less than 7 mm, including the fret distance (fretboard thickness + fret > 7 mm pickup thickness).