Kleio 51

Kleio pickups were inspired by Adonis Goulielmos, a gypsy jazz guitar luthier The name of the pickup belongs to his nine-year-old daughter and it is written exactly as she writes her name, using Latin characters.

Check the installation video    and also check the distances that your guitar should have in this video


  • Single Coil
  • 7mm - 9/32'' thick
  • DC Resistance : 7.5K
  • Alnico 5 bar magnet
  • Hand Wound

Argentine strings

The pickup is well balanced between the gypsy strings (especially on B string) and this is because we tuned the pickup with the  famous argentine gypsy strings of Savarez, however it also works very well with other gypsy strings. A line on top of the pickup indicates the position of the B string.

Volume Pot

Kleio 51 has a nice vintage volume control with 500K log pot and can be easily mounted either on the tailpiece or on top of the guitar.

The idea of mounting the volume pot on the tailpiece belongs to the guitarist Dmitry Kuptsov, so we named it the “Kuptsov variation”. To put it simply, with the “Kuptsov variation”,  you don’t have to stick anything on the top of the guitar.The other solution is to stick a bluetack plastic with velcro on the top of the guitar.The volume pot bottom plate has a velcro that can be mounted on the velcro strip of the “Kuptsov variation” or on a plastic piece that we provide you with.