Our Mr.2000HB single coil pickup is inspired by the 1962 Rowe Industries Dearmond pickup that came to our workbench a long time ago. The challenge for us was to keep the same blueprint as a guideline and convert it into the size of a humbucker and P90 . We ended up with two versions of the Humbucker size and one for P90mr2p9025.jpg

Our version of Mr. 2000HB (Hollow Body) is a humbucker size and keeps the guidelines of the original structure. The rod magnets have 1  7/64 ‘ length. Fits in almost Hollow Body guitars ( does not fit on Semi-Hollow style like 335 - check for the short version - )

The version of Mr, 2000SB (Solid Body or Short Version) is a humbucker size but the magnets have ¾ ‘ length (shorter compared to the original) and the whole construction can fit on most solid body and Semi-Hollow  humbucker cavities.

The third version is the  Mr.2000PSS is a P90 size with the magnets have ¾’ length and the whole construction can fit on most solid body  P90 soapbar cavities. If you have Semi- Hollow 335 style with P90 pickup soapbar pocket you may need an extra metal plate , contact us before you order.

Mr. 2000 has a unique and characteristic structure with six individually adjustable magnets. It is far more sensitive to adjustments compared to the P90 which only has adjustable screws. This happens because, as you are raising or lowering the whole magnet, you can control the magnetic field with more accuracy than the P90, where the screws simply transfer the magnetism of the bottom magnets.

Moreover, this characteristic structure, makes Mr.2000 very versatile.

Having the magnets raised high up and the whole pickup (the coil) lowered, you get a bright vintage punch sound. How ever, if you set the magnets all the way down in the pickup (the coil), you get a fat clear sound with a deep bass response. There are of course several combinations apart from these two setups.

Characteristics :

  • Single Coil
  • 44 AWG enamel wire 
  • DC Resistance : 10.6K Neck 11K Bridge
  • Six individually adjustable Alnico 5 rod magnets
  • Leather on top  

As we aim for the same blueprint guidelines, most of the parts that we use are custom built and handmade in our workshop