Mr.2000FT - SM Short Magnets - Dearmond style in vintage Filtertron case - cover for Solid Body Guitars

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Available with Black Acrylic Top ( chrome or gold cover)  Upon request 

Our Mr.2000FT single coil pickup is inspired by the 1962 Rowe Industries Dearmond pickup that came to our workbench a long time ago.

This version is with a Filtertron cover and has short Magnets ( Mr.2000FT- SM) . It  is for Semi Hollow and Solid Body guitars , with the pickup using mounting ears and mounting screws on the ring ( not on the pickups cover ) 

Note : This mounting system is not compatible with the old vintage classic filtertron system that uses two wooden screws inside the pickup. Please contact us for custom mounting system and  more info 

Available also  mounting legs  - Contact us  

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